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Our Products

High visibility warning triangles, standard packaging or special compositions with lamp box, first aid kit, vest and other useful or essential accessories. 

Replacement boxes and lamps proposed in the basic version with 12V or 24V halogen bulbs, which can also be made up according to requirements and LED lamps in individual packaging. 

Carpet car mats, made to measure or standard with a variety of customized finishes, attachment systems compatible with all cars-rubber mats. 

Vest, first aid kit, extinguisher, breathalyzer are the useful or fundamental items that make each combination with the base products special – workshop and promotional articles for all dealers. 

EU approved dual or single voltage rotating beam lamps with electromagnetic interference filter and flashing strobe lamps with magnetic base or designed for screw fixing. 

Front and rear caravan lights – number plate, – stop – reverse and fog lights – work lights – trailer light bars – industrial and individual skin packaging. 

Triangular, rectangular and round retro-reflectors with hole or double sided adhesive tape, approved in industrial packaging and in two-piece skin packaging. 

LED kit for interior car lighting . They replace standard ceiling lamps. They guarantee improved light efficiency with a very low consumption.