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Warning Triangles

Warning triangles (certified Europe ECE 27R 03) high visibility, standard packaging or special compositions with lamp box, first aid kit, vest and other useful or essential accessories.

  • triangle of limited weight and dimensions, takes up minimum space in the boot
  • conventional triangle, cross-based, easy to assemble, high visibility
  • high stability triangle, ideal for heavy vehicles

Variations in the packaging

choice between neutral or customized packaging with screen or pad printing.

  • red bags for the standard version
  • cases customized with the customer’s logo
  • pouches with screen printing for the most evident presentation
  • velcro for safe anchoring in the boot

Content variations

Emergency kits containing useful or essential accessories at the customer’s discretion.

  • everything required to repair a fault in a single product
  •  everything essential to deal with an emergency in a single product
  • mandatory equipment (according to the rules of the road)

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